November 4, 2021

Dear NAGE Local R1-200 Member:

We regretfully inform you that due to a lack of available funds, we are unable to provide you with the gift cards that we send out at Thanksgiving.  For the past several years, the cost to our local for the gift cards has been approximately in excess of $10,000 per year.

Approximately 5 years ago, the fee for sending a grievance to arbitration at the Connecticut Department of Mediation & Arbitration increased from $25.00 per grievance to $200.00 per grievance.  This increase has drastically depleted funds in our account.

Your union dues are $10.50 per week.  Of that $10.50, our local receives $3.00 per member, per month, based on full time equavilents and/or payment of full dues.  Our allotment of dues is reduced in the summer due to 10 month employees not paying dues.

Since January of 2020 we have spent over $6,600 sending grievances to arbitration.

This is in addition to many other expenses incurred by our local.

Some of them include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fruit Baskets to members for deaths in immediate family
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Legal Expenses
  • Internet Fees
  • Office Expenses
  • Election Expenses

Contract negotiations begin in January of 2022 and we anticipate significant expenses related to working with the City of Bridgeport to bring you a contract that is beneficial to you as a member of our local.

Our Treasurer submits a financial report on a monthly basis.  These financial reports are available for your review at the NAGE Office.